All core services we offer are focused on Business Continuity, from proactive infrastructure updates to full security stacks.  We allow our clients and their employees to focus on their business. We guide your I.T. departments with systems that are most at risk, and we patch all core components to assist that process. We have guided best practices and are partners with industry visionaries such as CrowdStrike, VMware, Pure, Cisco, Avanan, Sophos.

We fundamentally want to build on a monthly reoccurring contract that allows us to become your partner. Contact us for opportunities to see what we can do for you.

Click below to learn more about each of our areas of expertise in business continuity. 

Server and Infrastructure

VMware / Server / Networking Management
Managed Backups as a Service
Managed Business Continuity as a Service (DR)
Advanced Reports & Alerts
In depth knowledge of best practices
Security / Outage Avoidance.

Red Team

Penetration Testing
Security Posture Validation
IT / OT Security Validation
Certified Ethical Hackers
We Will Find Your Weak Link.
It will be eye opening.

Blue Team

Top Vulnerabilites in your environment
Noise Reduction / Alert Tuning
Incident Response and Mangement
Secure IT / OT
Security Insights
Best in breed Security Stack.